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Sex preferences and sexual appetites and needs fall along a spectrum, and no one is right or wrong: Some people are totally satisfied with having one sexual partner in their lifetime while others want to explore before settling down—and even upon settling down, some adhere to different views on monogamy. To help provide insight into your unique take, look no further than your Myers-Briggs personality type. Read this first! More than anything, you love connecting with your partner. Feeling at home in their arms is exactly where you want to be. You view sex as a sign of your feelings in a given moment, and you love to explore those feelings physically.
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How INTJs & INFJs Approach their Body and Physical Needs

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The Best Sex Positions for Your Myers-Briggs Type | Glamour

ISTJ - The Duty Fulfiller For you, a healthy sex life consists of regular intimacy at predictable times with a monogamous partner, in which both parties receive what they need from the experience. You are more about the physical act than the connection, but you find tremendous emotional reassurance in the act itself. You can be counted on as a sure thing; if you're not in the mood, you'll get there. You are traditional and unsettled by The Kinky; even your incredibly rugged sense of duty to the relationship is unlikely to get you past your adhorrence of anything deviant. Click here for more about ISTJ. You're very much about the physical act of sex, and you're super good at it.
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Personality Type and Sexuality

You're already a sucker for a good horoscope reading, but for something a little more specific—astrology can be annoyingly vague—the enduring Myers-Briggs personality test is a good option. The test—a method by which psychologists can categorize people—may also be used to determine the sex positions you'll enjoy most, at least according to Astroglide's resident sexologist Dr. Jess O'Reilly , who breaks it down for you, below. Don't know your type? Take the quiz here.
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May 9, by philipbullitthughes. Out of all the personality types, INTJs have the most difficulty in the area of mating. Not because there is something wrong with them, per se, but because they regard the selection as a rational process, a matter of finding someone who meets their physical and intellectual requirements. They desire a mate of the mind: someone smart, preferably genius, harmonious, and above all else independent, able to stand up to their formidable personalities. The INTJ will figure out very quickly, usually by the first or second date, whether or not a relationship has a future.
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