Japanse rope fetish

Japanese rope bondage is a style of bondage using ropes and intricate knots. It is called Japanese rope bondage because it has deep roots in Japanese history. It is often featured in Japanese fetish pornography and hentai. Natural hemp and jute are the most common types of rope used during Japanese rope bondage.
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Unpicking the subtleties of kinbaku, the ancient Japanese art of bondage tying

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[NSFW] A Brief History of Japanese Rope Bondage - VICE

The performance itself was a study of communication through the physical and emotional: as the lights dimmed and a hush rippled through the crowd, the sound of drums surged like the tide as it grows from low to high. Her slippers, or geta in Japanese, are removed as she and Kinoko come to stand in front of the wooden beams from which she would dangle. Lindsey: Can you both talk a little bit about your backgrounds? How did you find the art of kinbaku? Maybe it was my destiny to be into the world of Shibari.
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What is shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage, and how can you practice it?

Bruce something and Nina 32 are professional exponents of shibari, Japanese rope bondage. What does Bruce think the tied-up get from it? I have a better awareness of myself, of my body, my brain, my psychology, and a better understanding of other people.
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Welcome to Shibari , your chance to learn the building blocks of Japanese rope bondage! For me, the methodical repetition and precise structure of rope bondage is calming. I get off on the bottom both giving up control and having fun. For a bottom, being restrained can also feel very calming. A lot of bottoms feel relaxed and blissed out while in rope.
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