Incorporate game strip poker

I have somewhere between 2 and 4 girls willing to get naked during a game of strip poker for a bachelor party. I have between guys. I'm trying to come up with a ruleset for the game that results in the girls being naked and the guys, um, not. Considerations: - The girls are going to have a varying but essentially terrible understanding of poker and the mechanics of the situation. They'll probably understand how to remove their clothes, I hope. This seemed like a great idea when we were originally envisioning it but somehow we never quite got to the part past "and then they get naked!
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Poker & Pop Culture: A Sneak Peek at Strip Poker

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How to Play Strip Poker?

The origins of strip poker — that racy variant in which players wager items of clothing rather than chips or money — is as hard to pinpoint as the beginnings of poker, generally speaking. However, most accounts suggest the idea of taking it off while taking a card probably first occurred not long after the game was introduced in early 19th-century America. Just as New Orleans is often identified as a starting point for poker in the United States, there, too, have some speculated the first strip poker games took place. Others have located the game in 19th-century brothels, introduced as a way to enliven even further the usual negotiations occurring in such establishments. In American popular culture, references to strip poker can be found in cinema dating back to the silent era.
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Strip poker: What it is & how to play

Best site for new players and beginners with a small bankroll. While the rules of strip poker can obviously be a lot 'looser' see what we did there? Also, for fairness, the number of items of clothing can be fixed for each person.
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Strip poker is a regular game of poker but varies in the way that players get rewards when they win. Actually, it is the losers who are the main focus of a strip poker game because they are required to undress systematically. Depending on how unlucky a player is on a certain day or simply bad at poker, the possibility of ending up without clothes is extremely high. According to random surveys , the people who are most likely to engage in a game of strip poker fall within the years age bracket.
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